Gold! Gold! Gold!

Students were challenged to create a 21st century mining tool to find gold. They researched (and may have experienced) gold mining techniques used in the 1800’s. Using this information and combined with their knowledge of today’s technological advancements, they had to critically think and create a gold mining tool we could use today to find gold! Below are some pictures of the future of gold mining tools!

Sovereign Hill

Who would have thought that we would have spent 3 days in an open air museum! It is one of a kind. In the three exhilarating days in Sovereign Hill, we were taken back to the 1800’s during the Victorian gold rush! We experienced what it was like on the gold fields and the harsh conditions miners and their families endured. We learnt how the delicious raspberry drops were made, saw gold being melted and went gold panning at the local creek. Gold panning was a team effort, where perseverance and persistence paid off (it was exceptionally hard not to get wet feet). The Blood on the Southern Cross show was engaging and cold. Overall, it was an amazing and interesting experience where we learnt about Victorian history and soon became very grateful for the life we live today.

Remembrance Journey

With the use of a sheet, light, shadows, basic costumes and music, we were transported back to World War I in Australia. The journey followed a young recruit and his family sharing their experiences from the challenges on the battle fields, communicating through letters to a family hoping to see their loved ones again. The journey was engaging and helped us recognise the importance of remembering those who sacrifice their lives for our freedom. Lest we forget.

Helmeted Honey Eater Incursion

Ever wondered what type of bird is in our school logo? It is the small Helmeted Honey Eater. Today we attended a Helmeted Honey Eater Incursion. This was an opportunity to learn about the bird on our uniforms, we wear each day we come to school. The Incursion taught us about the Helmeted Honey Eater’s habitat, diet, origins and the impacts humans are having. The importance of the breeding program and how this breeding program is reducing the possibility of this precious animal becoming extinct. There is an opportunity for two students from year 4 and 5 to be BLPS Helmeted Honey Eater ambassadors to help protect this special species of bird. To become an ambassador, you have to write why you would be a great ambassador and hand it to your Teacher.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year! What a wonderful celebration of Chinese New Year and an opportunity to celebrate a Chinese important event as a community. We created Chinese Dragons with our buddies and paraded them around the Chinese New Year assembly. Many of us embraced the celebration by wearing red and participated in ink blowing activity where we made cherry blossom trees. Here are some pics from the day.

Scienceworks Excursion

What a fantastic time we had at Scienceworks! This was our first excursion for the year and we could not wait to arrive and explore. We tested our reflexes, strength and speed in Sportsworks and looked into the future with Think Ahead exhibition. The Planetarium was a huge hit with a mini animation about why our planet is important. We learnt about our planet’s rotation and revolution and it’s effect on our life here on Earth. Here are some memories from the day.